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This was really easy to do and was a refresher course for me as I had let my concealed weapon expire some years ago.

— Sheila Rae Vertrees

I thought the information in the video was well thought out and to the point. As a long time gun owner and pistol competitor some years back I had always wanted to obtain my concealed carry permit but this was almost impossible in California where I used to live. I am very glad the state of Oregon affords its citizens the ability to protect themselves. I will pass on your website to other honest people who have a need of your service.

— Carter Powell

Great Program, loved it. The video was very educational.

— Ryan Chambers

Thank you so much. Your video presentation was easy to follow and precise. I will recommend this site to others.
Thanks again.

— Sonya Kirk

Great idea very well made video over priced though.

— Daniel Schwahn

I found the instruction on handling, finger placement, proper clearing and trigger finger placement, for both Revolvers and Semi-Autos to be excellent.

The section on preferred grip has led me to immediately change my grip to Left thumb over Right locked down, and I will also change my sighting action to the push/pull method.

— Craig Whitelock

This is great to have online now, that was the hang up on getting it sooner. Thank you!

— Jude

Good course. I especially liked the emphasis on child safety, practice, and that once the bullet has left your gun it’s not coming back.

— Vern Brown

This is a great class if your schedule does not fit the instructors available schedule to do a live class, and doing it in the comfort of your own home is a plus. Thank you for making this class available.

— John Van Bysteren

I very much enjoyed the video. It teaches a lot of safety techniques.

— Brian Edwards

Good course especially for online. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise.

— Dale Nye

Great class and great instructor.

— Noor Malikey

Thank you, the class was very good.

— Alan Burns

The training was well done. Since I am deployed at this time in Afghanistan it was good to be able to do the training in my spare time. I would have done this while I was home however I usually do not have any time.

— Terry Surratt

I found the online course to be very interesting and informative. The instructor had my full attention the whole time and I felt I learned a lot of valuable information.

— Joyce

Easy process, thank you.

— Marwan Chatila